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New photos from set of Silent Hill Revelation 3D movie

Hot off the release of the first official filming photos from the Silent Hill movie sequel yesterday (see previous post), some new photos from the set of that movie have been made public (don't think these ones are official though). You can see all the pics at Century 21's website (don't know why a real-estate company is posting photos from a movie set...). These photos mostly show some painting and remodeling work being done by the movie's production staff to make Cambridge, Ontario look like Silent Hill, but there is one photo that stood out to me:

Silent Hill 2 movie on-set

The picture is kind of small, and its hard to tell who this person is. My guess would be that it is Harry Mason, but it resemble actor Sean Bean from the first movie. If this is Bean, then this is very bad news for the movie, since it would seem to lend credibility to the claims that the parents from the first movie are going to be portrayed as the parents of Heather Mason in the new movie - which is all sorts of wrong! If this is Harry, however (and not Christopher Da Silva from the first film), then this would be a bit of a departure from the game's plot, since it would seem that Heather isn't going to find her father at home after returning from the mall, but will rather find him in Silent Hill. So either way, this is a disturbing picture - and not in the good way that a Silent Hill picture should be disturbing.

But that's not all in the world of video game movie news:

Over the past few months, there have been a few other details emerging about some other video game movies in the making.


Late last year, Sony announced that they were planning on casting Mark Wahlberg in the role of Nathan Drake, instead of fan choice Nathan Fillion for their upcoming Uncharted movie. This was a slap in the face from the movie producers considering:

  1. The Nathan Drake character in the video game is essentially a duplicate of the character of Malcolm Reynolds from the television show Firefly (a role that Fillion already played). Except, you know, Uncharted was in the jungle in stead of space.
  2. Fillion was the clear-cut fan choice for the role in the movie.
  3. Fillion, himself, lobbied for the role. He wanted it!

This decision has to be chalked up in the "What the hell were they thinking?!" category. I don't care if Fillion has put his support behind Wahlberg (, an Uncharted movie without Nathan Fillion is absolutely not interesting to me at all. That's even worse than seeing a Metal Gear Solid movie that doesn't have the voice of David Hayter as Solid Snake! Unless director David O Russell changes his mind, or the trailers for the movie end up being mind-blowingly incredible, I will not be seeing that movie. Oh, and Robert De Niro and Scarlett Johansson may be in the movie too. Meh...

Capcom Movies (Resident Evil & Devil May Cry)

Capcom has apparently also been busy with movies lately. They recently announced a 5th live-action Resident Evil movie, a second CGI Resident Evil movie based on the actual game canon, and that Resident Evil-studio Screen Gems will be making the planned Devil May Cry movie. Although I enjoyed the first Resident Evil movie (it was a horrible adaption of the game, but a fun movie on its own right), I could just never get into the sequels. They just went way too over-the-top, and either had nothing whatsoever to do with the games, or tried to tie into the games in stupid and gimmicky ways.

As for a Devil May Cry movie, little-to-no information about that has been made public other than the announcement that Screen Gems will be handling the project. Screen Gems treatment of the Resident Evil movies, and the upcoming release of a Devil May Cry reboot game do not bode well for the film project though, since we know Screen Gems doesn't bother trying to stay faithful to its source material, and it appears that Capcom doesn't really care for the original canon of Devil May Cry either. So until I hear differently, I'm gonna chalk the Devil May Cry movie up in the column of "disasters-in-the-making".

Tomb Raider

Finally, word around the street is saying that a Tomb Raider prequel/reboot movie is in the works that will not be starring Angelina Jolie. This is interesting news, considering that a reboot/prequel game is also scheduled for release next year! This makes me wonder if the film is going to be a tie-in to the game, which would make it the first ever "video game tie-in movie". We've all heard of "movie tie-in video games", but this could be totally different territory altogether, and could be good news for Tomb Raider and video game fans alike. The reboot game looks promising, and is supposed to revolve around a 21-year-old Lara Croft dealing with being stranded on a mysterious island during her first ever real-world adventure. The game looks to be very gritty and based on a survival mechanic that could hopefully succeed where Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater failed. If the movie is being planned on an adaptation of that game, it could end up being very promising as well. We'll see how things turn out!


So let's review. How are the 2011-2012 video game movies shaping up so far?

  • Silent Hill Revelation 3D On shaky ground
  • Resident Evil 5 Undoubtedly going to be crap
  • Devil May Cry See Resident Evil 5
  • Uncharted No Nathan Fillion = no money from me
  • Tomb Raider Too early to tell - could be good

Other video games that I've heard movie announcements for, but which have no solid details that I'm aware of yet:

  • Gears of War Meh.
  • Heavy Rain Isn't this already a movie?
  • God of War Meh.
  • Metal Gear Solid If Kojima and Hayter are involved, this is a must-see!
  • Shadow of the Colossus Please, please, please, please, please don't mess this one up, Hollywood.
  • Dead Space Is this even necessary? Can't you just watch James Cameron's Aliens?

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