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One of the biggest side effects of EA's insistence of releasing its NCAA Football games more than a month ahead of the start of the season is that its rosters tend to be out of date. First off, no real names can be used due to NCAA rules, but EA provides a handy roster-share feature that allows fans to upload named rosters to share with other players. I usually get my roster from Operation Sports. But the great guys at Operation Sports can only do so much. Updating the rosters for big-name schools like Alabama, Florida, and LSU is pretty easy. The little schools are a bit more of a problem. So I've taken it upon myself to make some corrections to Operation Sports' rosters for my alma mater, UNLV.

UNLV Running Rebels logo

First and foremost, I went through each position and made sure that the players listed match what is on the most up-to-date versions of the team's depth chart and roster. This required moving a few players around, since they've changed positions. Other players were renamed and completely revised since those players have since left the team. I also took the liberty of making spelling corrections on some players' names (such as Maika Mataele and Ron Scoggins), updating redshirt statuses that were incorrect, updating the High School and Home State of most players (using the names of the closest town whenever I couldn't find a match), and also updating the faces and equipment of starters.

One of the biggest changes that I had to make was to remove any of the six players who left the team in the last week of June. This, unfortunately, included promising freshman receiver Marquis Thompson and defensive lineman Nate Halloway, but did give me plenty of fodder to add players who were missing from the roster. Probably the biggest such addition is redshirted sophomore Wide Receiver number 18, Marcus Sullivan. Sullivan redshirted last year, but excelled in 2010 as a kick return specialist (ranked 17 in the nation at yards/return!).

UNLV WR Marcus Sullivan UNLV TE Nick Gstrein

[LEFT]Wide Receiver (and 2010 kick return specialist) number 18 Marcus Sullivan redshirted last year and was not included in the OS roster.
[RIGHT]Freshman Tight End Nick Gstrein may compete for a starting role.

Another major addition is freshmen Tight End Nick Gstrein, who joined the team earlier this year, and impressed the coaches in spring workouts enough to earn himself the number 2 spot on the depth chart behind fellow freshman Jake Phillips.

I also converted Nate Halloway into stand-out special teams senior Beau Brence.

UNLV WR Marcus Sullivan Former UNLV linebacker Nate Carter makes a tackle wearing the No. 36 "Battle Born" jersey with Nevada state flag patch.

Other minor tweaks include changing some jersey numbers for some players (particularly incoming freshmen and former redshirts). I also updated DB Sidney Hodge to wear the ceremonial "Battle Born" number 36 jersey (in honor of Nevada being the 36th state to join the union). EA hasn't added the Nevada state flag to the jersey, but at least I can get the number right.

Players on this roster likely to redshirt in 2012:

  • Connor Afoa, OLB
  • Tyler Bergsten, TE (or Aaron Reed, TE)
  • Tom Clarkson, OT
  • David Green, DE
  • Troy Hawthorne, QB
  • Jonathon James, WR
  • Maika Metaele, WR
  • Jeremiah Valoaga, DE

The roster can be downloaded by going to MegaBearsFan's EA Locker on the PS3 version of the game only.

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