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Civilization VI - title

Firaxis is almost done with its New Frontiers DLC pass for Civilization VI. In January, they released a pack including the leader Bà Triệu of Vietnam. New Frontiers updates are planned through March of 2021, so I expect we'll see another pack with one or two new civilizations or leaders.


With Firaxis wrapping up with New Frontiers leaders, I may go back and write guides for the new game modes. I'm especially interested in the Corporations and recently-released Barbarian game modes. I may put up a poll on my Patreon page to let my Patrons decide what guides to create next. I hope you'll consider supporting the creation of this content on Patreon, and exercising your voting power to help influence the content I create. Your support is greatly appreciated!

The state of Vietnam, located along the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula, has spent much of its existence under the rule or occupation of other states. Classical Vietnamese kingdoms existed as early as the 29th century BC. The borders of Vietnam shifted over the next couple thousand years while warlords fought each other for dominance of the region, before Vietnam was annexed by the Chinese Han Dynasty in 111 BC. After some short-lived independence movements from leaders such as the Trưng Sisters and Lady Triệu, the state finally gained full independence from the Chinese in 938 AD, but saw periods of Chinese, French colonial, and Japanese occupation in the following centuries before defeating the United States in 1975 and beginning the process of reunification under communist rule.

During the Three Kingdoms period of China during the third century, Bà Triệu lead an unsuccessful campaign to liberate Vietnam from Chinese occupation. Little is known about her life, and all of what is known comes from now-legendary Vietnamese sources. She is believed to have been an orphan who witnessed atrocities commited by the Chinese Wu Dynasty, and, as a teenager, raised an army in a secret military camp in the mountains. Her campaign saw two years of success at driving out Chinese occupations over the course of more than 30 battles. After the Chinese finally began taking her rebellion seriously, Lady Triệu held her ground for months before finally being defeated by the overwhelming forces of the Chinese. Some sources say she was killed in battle, while others say that she survived, but was so dismayed at her defeat that she committed suicide by throwing herself in a river (in the same fashion as the rebellious Trưng Sisters centuries earlier). While the Chinese records never bother to mention her name (or that the leader of the rebellion was a woman), she quickly became a legendary national hero among the Vietnamese, and began to take on exaggerated super-human qualities. The Ho Chi Minh army even recruited a large number of women soldiers during the American Vietnam War in keeping with the tradition set by The Trưng Sisters and Lady Triệu.

Civilization VI is still a "living game". Strategies for the game (and for specific leaders and civs) may change as Firaxis applies balance patches, introduces new features, or expands the game through further DLC or expansion packs, or as the Civ community discovers new strategies or exploits. As such, the following strategy guide may change from time to time. I will try to keep it up-to-date, and will make notations whenever changes are made. I'll also post links in the official 2K forums and CivFanatics, where I'll also report any changes made. If possible and practical, I will try to retain the original content of the strategy for posterity.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions that readers wish to offer. Feel free to post on the linked forums, or by posting a comment at the bottom of the page.

This guide is up to date as of the release of the "New Frontiers" January 2021 Update (ver.

Bà Triệu is a highly defensive leader who can also be a potent threat in an offensive guerrilla war. Vietnamese cities and units all benefit from colonizing dense forests or jungles, as districts must be placed on these features.

Civilization VI - Bà Triệu of Vietnam

Bà Triệu of Vietnam's uniques in Civilization VI

Civilization VI - Vietnam flag

Vietnam capital start bias: rainforest, woods and/or marsh.

Vietnam civilization unique: Nine Dragon River Delta

"All land specialty districts can only be built on rainforest, marsh, or woods tiles. Buildings on these features receive additional yields. +1 Culture in woods, +1 Science in rainforest, and +1 Production in marsh. Woods can be planted with Medieval Faires instead of Conservation."

Vietnamese specialty districts (Holy Sites, Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Theater Squares, Industrial Zones, Entertainment Complexes, Aerodromes, Government Plazas, Diplomatic Quarters, and the new Preserve) can only be built on a woods, rainforest, or marsh tile. To help with this, Vietnamese Builders are allowed to plant woods after completing the Medieval Faires civic (instead of the Conservation civic). Each type of terrain features provides a small bonus to the district built on it. Districts in woods generate a free culture, districts in rainforest generate a free science, and districts in marshes generate a free production, on top of any normal adjacency bonuses.

Woods cannot be planted on desert tiles, ice, or floodplain tiles. This prevents Vietnam from being able to build specialty districts on deserts, ice, or floodplains. Districts that existed in a captured city when the city is captured are not subject to this restriction. If you capture a city with a district on a desert or ice tile, the district will remain there.

Vietnamese districts do not destroy the underlying feature, which allows Holy Sites and Campuses
to gain adjacency from terrain, even with districts..

An undocumented bonus of this ability is that districts do not destroy the underlying feature (though bonus resources such as bananas, deer, or rice will be removed). Having the underlying tile feature with the districts is a great benefit for Holy Sites and Campuses, since they can benefit from having adjacent districts on top of woods or rainforests. For example, a Campus built adjacent to two rainforests will get +1 science from the rainforest's minor adjacency. If you build a Theater and Government Plaza on top of those rainforests, the Campus will keep the +1 from the rainforests, but also gain another +1 from the minor adjacency of the two districts, and yet another +1 from the Government Plaza.

Bà Triệu's leader unique: Drive Out The Aggressor

"All units gain +5 Combat Strength when fighting in Rainforest, Marsh, and Woods tiles, and +1 Movement if they start their turn there. Both of these bonuses are doubled in tiles in Vietnamese territory."

Civilization VI - Ba Trieu portrait

Bà Triệu is a fantastic military leader in rough terrain, and is even better when defending in her own territory. Land units that start their turn in woods, rainforests, or marshes have an extra movement, and that bonus is increased to +2 movement if the starting tile is also owned by Vietnam. With even just a little bit of planning, most of her land units will reliably have at least 4 movement (5 if accompanied by a General). This movement boost also comes with a combat strength boost if the unit is fighting on a rainforest, marsh, or woods tile (remember, for ranged units, such bonuses are granted based on the tile that the defender is standing on, rather than the tile that the ranged attacker is attacking from). Again, this bonus is doubled to +10 if you're fighting in Vietnamese territory.

As of the initial publication of this guide, the movement and combat bonuses seem to only apply to land units. Naval ranged units do not get a combat bonus if attacking an enemy unit on woods, rainforest, or marsh. Also, air units do not receive additional movement, range, or combat strength if they start their turn deployed on a woods, rainforest, or marsh tile, or if they are stationed in an Aerodrome that is built on one of those terrains; nor do they receive a combat bonus if performing an air attack against an enemy unit on woods, rainforest, or marsh. Bà Triệu's ability description in-game does not specify land units only, so it is unclear if it is intended for naval and air units to receive these benefits, or if the description is wrong. Perhaps this will be changed in a patch at some point?

Naval and air units do not get movement or combat bonuses from Drive Out The Aggressor.

Religious units do receive the movement and combat bonuses for theological combat. Thanks to guest PolyCaster TheChrisD for pointing that out to me.

Unique district: Thánh

Game Info:

"A district unique to Vietnam which replaces an Encampment. +2 Culture for each adjacent district. After Flight is researched, receive Tourism equal to the Culture output. This district does not require population, is cheaper to build, cannot be built adjacent to the city center, and is not considered a specialty district.

Civilization VI - thanh

Requirements: Bronze Working technology

Cost: 27 Production (-27 from Encampment).
Maintenance Cost: 1 gold per turn [Standard Speed]

+1 Great General point per turn,
+2 Culture for each adjacent district,
After researching Flight, provides Tourism from Culture,
Is not considered a specialty district and does not require population,

Receives a ranged attack with Walls,
Cannot be built next to the City Center.


Since it is not considered a specialty district, the Thánh is not limited to being built on woods, rainforest, or marshes like other Vietnamese specialty districts. It can be built on any passable land tile, as long as it is not adjacent to a city center. But even though it is not a specialty district, the Thánh cannot be rushed with a Military Engineer. The Thánh behaves similar to a fortified, super-charged Theater Square, as it receive a major adjacency bonus for each adjacent district (whereas a Theater Square receives only a minor adjacency bonus for adjacent districts). This means you'll want to build the Thánh in clusters with your other districts in order to maximize the culture bonus whenever possible. However, you'll also want to find good tactical positions for the district, such as along borders with a belligerent rival, or in a defensible choke point. Do you want it to be a cultural center? A fortification? Or both? The optimal placement for this district will largely depend on what you specifically want or need from it.

Perhaps the best bonus of the Thánh is that it is not considered a specialty district and is not subject to the normal population requirements for building a specialty district. The Thánh can be built in a city, regardless of the population and how many other districts are present (similar to the Aqueduct, Neighborhood, and so forth). This means that you can build one in every city, including ones that are far away from any military threats. Such Thánh districts should be placed adjacent to other districts so as to provide extra culture.

Unique unit: Voi Chiến

Civilization VI - voi chien icon

Game Info: "Vietnamese unique Medieval era ranged unit. They can move after attacking and have additional movement. These units are also stronger when defending, more expensive, and have greater sight."

Civilization VI - voi chienunit portrait

Requirements: Machinery technology
Replaces: Crossbowman.
Obsoleted: Ballistics technology.
Upgrades to: Field Cannon.

Cost: 200 Production (+ 20 from Crossbow) | 800 Gold | ?? Faith [standard speed].
Maintenance Cost: 3 Gold per turn [standard speed].

Promotion Class: ranged,
Attack Type: ranged,
Attack Range: 2,
Ranged Strength: 40,
Melee Strength: 35 (+5 from Crossbowman),
Movement Speed: 3 (+1 from Crossbowman).

Can move after attacking, +1 Sight.

The Voi Chiến is a remarkably versatile guerrilla unit. Its base movement of 3 and ability to move after attacking allows it to strike and retreat in flat land. Combined with Bà Triệu's' "Drive Out The Aggressors" ability, a Voi Chiến that starts in woods, marsh, or rainforest will have 4 movement points, which can be further increased to 5 if it also started in Vietnamese territory, and boosted yet again to 6 if within range of a General. This makes the Voi Chiến one of the fastest units in the entire game! This can allow the elephant-based unit to appear out of the jungle, attack the enemy, and then retreat back into the protection of the jungle in a single turn.

Voi Chiến starting in Vietnamese-owned forests or marshes,
and within range of a General will have 6 movement!

Being able to move after attacking allows other benefits, such as being able to attack, and then take a promotion (with the insta-heal) in the same turn. Voi Chiến can also be surprisingly effective siege weapons. The ability to move after attacking allows them to camp outside of a city's bombardment range, then move in range to make an attack, then back out of the city's bombardment range. This allows them to keep the pressure on the city without needing to retreat after a single bombardment (or be killed by the city) in the way that Catapults have to be used. Its extra visibility also allows it to act as a spotter unit for other ranged units, and it makes it a great sentry or reconnaissance unit, especially in forests and jungles.

Crossbows are strong units in their own right, so having a stronger Crossbow is powerful on its own. The Voi Chiến is more expensive to train than the Crossbow, but it can be upgraded into from an Archer. I advise using the Agoge policy early in the game to build a large number of Slingers and Archers, and save up gold to upgrade some of them into Voi Chiến. The Professional Army policy will discount the cost to upgrade the unit. Since the Voi Chiến is a ranged unit, instead of a mounted unit (despite being mounted on an elephant), you would use the Feudal Contracts policy instead of the Chivalry policy. if you're training a new unit in your city.

Waging Guerilla Warfare With Bà Triệu of Vietnam

Vietnam is a highly terrain-dependent civilization, however, its dependence is one of the easiest and most versatile, as combinations of woods, rainforest, and marshes should be readily available on most maps. As you explore and plan out your early expansions, be sure to prioritize settling in dense jungles or forests, or near marshes. If you happen to find yourself in a particularly dry and barren map, then Vietnam's Nine Dragon River Delta ability will allow you to plant your own woods on most tiles by the time you're entering the mid-game, ensuring that you won't have to go too long without any specialty districts. Vietnam keeps any specialty districts that exist in captured cities, so if you truly lack the ability to create districts of your own, you can instead focus on mass-producing military units and the Thánh district, and capture cities from other civs or city states that already have specialty districts built.

Specialty districts can only be built in woods, rainforest, and marshes. Plan out city-placement accordingly.

There is also a small yield bonus for a district, depending on what tile it was built on. Woods provide culture, rainforest provide science, and marshes provide production. This small amount of yield can be beneficial early in the game, but will quickly be drowned out by other sources of those yields later in the game. Don't go out of your way to, say, built a Commercial Hub on a rainforest for one extra science if you can instead put it where it will get +4 gold adjacency or more.

Keep in mind that you cannot plant woods on desert, ice, or floodplain tiles. Avoid settling in deserts and ice unless you specifically need a city to claim a particular resource, or claim a particularly valuable strategic location such as a mountain pass or canal. Common district-placements might not be possible due to these restrictions. For example, you won't be able to place a Commercial Hub along a river if the tiles adjacent to the river are floodplains. Similarly, you might not be able to squeeze an Industrial Zone in between an Aqueduct and a Dam if the necessary tile is a floodplain.

Districts on woods and rainforest
will be more prone to catching fire.

Being able to plant woods early also allows you to plant woods in order to prevent drought disasters in plains regions. This can spare you from needing to station Liang in that city in order to prevent disaster damage, and allows you to put her near a volcano or in a coastal city. However, the woods and rainforest will make your territory more prone to wildfire disasters. The fact that your districts are built on these fire-prone woods and rainforests means they will be particularly susceptible to fire damage. Don't be surprised if you have to repair a few burnt-down districts over the course of the game. Liang's Reinforced Materials promotion can help, but you only have one Liang, and she can only go in one city at a time.

You might think that you should avoid chopping forests so that you'll be able to build districts and take advantage of the military bonuses. But that isn't necessarily the case. The ability to plant woods early means you can feel free to chop for the production bonus in order to finish a district or wonder early, then re-plant the forest later and build districts or lumber mills. Moving Governor Magnus the Steward around while chopping can grant a lot of extra yields.

Vietnam will need lots of builders to plant woods for its districts. Utilize Governor Liang The Surveyor to get extra charges, along with the Ilkum and Serfdom policies. If you have some decent faith output, then the Monumentality golden age dedication can be a great way to use that excess faith to spam out builders (and maybe also a few settlers while you're at it). The Pyramids world wonder can also help, if you start close enough to desert to be able to build it.

Thánh districts have no prereqs and can be placed liberally.

One district that does not require woods, rainforest, or marsh is the unique Thánh. It also doesn't require population, so you'll want to build one in many (if not all) of your cities. Place them in strategically valuable locations in your frontier or border cities. Cities farther away from potential enemy invasions should build the Thánh in clusters with other districts (regardless of the strategic value of the location) so that it will gain its culture adjacency bonus.

Striking from the cover of the jungle

With all the Thánh districts you'll be building, you'll be generating a lot of points towards Great Generals. These generals won't do you any good parked in your cities, so Vietnam should utilize them by aggressively deploying its armies for either conquest or for world-policing. Use the increased movement speed and combat strength of the general-supported units to quickly reach barbarian camps and disperse them for easy gold and combat experience in the early eras of the game.

Vietnam may be designed to be a highly defensive civilization, but its combination of unique bonuses also makes it a powerhouse offensive civilization -- especially during the medieval era when the Voi Chiến can dominate the battlefield. The Voi Chiến is a fantastic guerilla unit, able to move in from the protection of the jungles or cities, attack, and then retreat back to relative safety. They also make surprisingly effective siege weapons. The advantage they have against Catapults is that they can camp outside the range of the city, move into range to attack, and then retreat back out of range all in the same turn. All without the city being able to counter-attack. It won't deal as much damage to the city as a Catapult, but with multiple Voi Chiến bombarding the city every turn without having to retreat to heal, walls can still come down quickly, especially if the units have the Expert Marksman promotion, which grants an additional attack per turn.

Voi Chiến can be effective siege weapons, as they can move in, bombard the city, then move out of range.

Even outside of the medieval era, Bà Triệu's "Drive Out The Aggressors" ability gives movement and combat bonuses towards all Vietnamese land units in woods, rainforest, or marshes. With 2 extra movement, units starting in Vietnamese territory can make devastating surprise attacks deep into neutral or enemy territory. If fighting on woods, rainforest, and marshes, those units will also have a combat bonus that will make the units more effective in these surprise attacks. The Logistics policy (available with the Mercantilism civic) can further increase Bà Triệu's units' movement speed when starting in her territory.

Religious units get extra movement and
bonuses towards theologic combat..

As you capture cities around forests, rainforests, and marshes, your units will gain the doubled movement and combat bonuses on the next turn. This allows you to blitz deeper into enemy territory and quickly surround the next city on the road to the enemy capital. In this fashion, Vietnam is can easily achieve a Domination Victory. Using your army to similarly complete strategic emergencies (such as liberating captured city states) can also be a good way of accumulated favor, which can go towards a Diplomatic Victory.

With religious units also receiving bonuses towards movement and theologic combat on woods, rainforest, and marshes, Vietnam will also have a slight advantage towards Religious Victory attempts. Being able to preserve woods when you build districts adjacent to Holy Sites will grant extra faith, and you can plant additional woods around those Holy Sites to further buff the adjacency bonus. Vietnam can reliably have Holy Sites with +3 adjacency or better, even without access to mountains.

Spaceports are not specialty districts, and can be built on any terrain.

Vietnam can also enjoy additional science in its Campus districts due to not having to chop down adjacent rainforests to build districts. This, along with bonus science for districts placed in rainforest, can give Vietnam a slight edge towards a Science Victory. Being able to plant woods early and place Lumber Mills on them can also help make for some very industrious cities, which will be able to quickly get your Spaceports up and running (which, by the way, are not specialty districts and do not have to be built on woods, rainforests, or marshes). Extra culture from districts on woods tiles can similarly contribute to progress through the civics tree, which can ever so slightly help towards a Culture Victory.

Avoiding Bà Triệu of Vietnam's guerilla ambushes

Bà Triệu's A.I. agenda: Defender of the Homeland

"Likes civilizations that have never declared war on Vietnam, hates those who have. Her opinion decreases further each turn the war progresses, and this decreased opinion never decays."

You have to be very careful when deciding when (or whether) to attack Vietnam. It is a very defensible civilization, with large movement and combat bonuses when fighting in their own terrain, and an Encampment replacement district that can easily be built in every city if Vietnam sees fit to do so. They also unlock the ability to plant their own woods fairly early in the game, so even starting on an unfavorable map can be overcome with enough Builders. Eventually, most (or all) of their terrain will be woods, rainforest, or marsh, which will slow down your invasion force, while simultaneously providing large combat and movement bonuses to her defending units. Even her districts do not clear out the underlying terrain, so they will also count as rough terrain. Even if you aren't looking to conquer her, it will still be a little bit tougher to pillage her districts and move out without taking heavy casualties.

Any war declaration against an A.I. Bà Triệu is basically a forfeiture of your diplomatic relations with her. She is especially resentful of those who declare war on her, and she never forgives. Her hatred of you can also potentially undercut your relations with other civs. She will likely perpetually denounce you, which may cause other leaders to dislike you. Her grievances for a war that you start will also never decay, which can cause other civs to dislike you for having too many grievances with another leader. As such, if you're going to declare war on her, you'd better be able to finish the job and capture or raze all of her cities to remove her from the game. This will generate a large lump sum of grievances with all other leadres, but those grievances, at least, will decay. The earlier you wipe out Vietnam, the quicker and sooner the grievances will decay.

Do not start a war with Bà Triệu unless you can draw the combat out of the forests and marshes.

Don't be fooled by the defensive nature of Vietnam's unique abilities; Vietnam can also be a dominant offensive powerhouse. Don't sleep on Bà Triệu, as her "Drive Out The Aggressors" ability still works outside of her territory (even though it won't be as strong). As long as there is woods, rainforest, and/or marsh for Vietnam to fight in, it will have a small movement and combat bonus. This will be especially damning if you are playing as a civilization like Kongo or Norway, which favors having lots of rainforest and woods (respectively) in your territory. The Thánh district providing additional culture yield and not requiring population (or forests or marsh) to be built means that Vietnam will likely spam then in many (if not all) of her cities, which will give Vietnam a lot of points towards Great Generals, which will give her units further advantages on both defense and offense.

Be particularly wary of Bà Triệu during the medieval and renaissance era. Her Voi Chiến can dominate a battlefield with their ability to make a ranged attack and then retreat. They can pick your units off from a distance, then retreat into the safety of the jungles where you cannot counterattack. The Voi Chiến can also be a viable siege weapon (especially if properly promoted), since it can move in, bombard the city, then move out of range. It is not vulnerable to a city's counter-bombardment the way that a Catapult is.

The longer you stay at peace with Bà Triệu, the more she will like you.
Just don't do other things to aggravate her, such as converting her cities.

The good news is that Bà Triệu is relatively easy to get along with in Civ VI. As long as you don't declare war on her, she won't dislike you due to her agenda, and you will, in fact, get positive relationship modifiers. This modifier will grow every so many turns. If, for any reason, she declares war on you, you can usually restore amicable relations by trying to end the war as quickly as possible without capturing her cities. Once the war ends, she might very well go back to liking you because you'll still have the positive diplomatic modifier of never having declared war on her. In the meantime, you might consider pillaging her tiles and districts (if it is safe to do so), as this will reduce the threat she will pose to you later in the game.

If you're playing a peaceful, turtle strategy, Vietnam can be a great early-game neighbor, as she'll be a reliable trade partner. The relationship that you build early on can also make her a valuable ally against your rivals, as she will likely be willing to join in wars if you ask, and her combat bonuses will make her a strong military ally.

Discussions & Change Log

Thanks for reading. I hope this guide helps you to build a Vietnamese civilization that will stand the test of time!


These strategy guides for Civilization VI have been taking longer to research and write than I would like. Part of this is due to the fact that I'm not as familiar and experienced with Civ VI as I was with Civ V when I started writing strategy guides for that game, so I have to spend more time trying to learn the different mechanics and rules associated with each new civ that I play. I also have a lot more things competing for my time.

If you enjoy this strategy guide, and would like to see more like it, please consider making a contribution and become a Patron on Patreon. As a Patron, you'll have the ability to vote on which civilization(s) you'd like to see a strategy guide for next, will receive early previews of certain content, and will have an opportunity to discuss or contribute to its development. With some additional funding, I could dedicate more time to writing guides like this one, and can maybe even branch out into more video content on Youtube.

In any case, feel free to comment and share, or discuss your Vietnam strategies in the CivFanatics forums at:

on the official 2K forums:

or on Steam:

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