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My expectations for the Chicago Bears' 2018 season was quite reserved after the team's decent preseason performances. The starters saw very little play time, so I didn't really know what to expect. My expectations rose a little bit after the Bears swindled Khalil Mack from the Raiders. At least the defense would probably be pretty good. I wasn't expecting the defense to be this good, however!

Khalil Mach has absolutely dominated in these early season games, recording at least one sack and a forced fumble in each of the first four games (as well as some fumble recoveries and an interception returned for a touchdown). This dominance wasn't quite enough to stop Aaron Rodgers from limping his way to a 20-point comeback victory in the second half. Rodgers left the game in the first quarter with a knee injury, but came back later after backup Deshaun Kizer proved to be completely ineffective.

Khalil Mack has been absolutely dominant, and is on pace to earn every penny of his contract!

Rodgers was clearly in pain, as he was forced to stand and hobble in the pocket, unable to put much weight on that injured leg. Yet the Bears didn't manage to get to him at all in the second half.

Put quite frankly, and bluntly, I am dumbfounded that Rodgers' career isn't over. That might sound heartless, but Rodgers did not need to come back into that game. He should not have come back in that condition. His coaches and trainers should not have let him, and the league should not have let him (considering all their BS talk about "player safety"). If he had suffered further injury (possibly season or career-ending), that would be entirely on him and the coaching / training staff!

Now I don't know if coach Nagy and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio dialed back the pressure (which it looked to me like they did), or if Rodgers' offensive line simply laid it all on the line to protect him (in which case, they all deserve awards!), but I would have been sending everything and the kitchen sink after Rodgers during that second half. I'd have been blitzing 6, 7, or even 8 guys every single play. No mercy. If Rodgers wanted to put himself at risk by coming back into the game with that injured leg (again, barely even able to stand on his own leg, let alone run on it), then I would have made him suffer for it.

If the NFL really cares about "player safety", then why did they not intervene
when the Packers put Aaron Rodgers back into the game?

I don't want to see anybody get hurt, but Rodgers was asking for it. Again, considering it's hard-line positions on player safety, I am absolutely amazed that the NFL allowed the Packers to play Rodgers, and that they didn't fine the Packers or Rodgers for that reckless behavior. This just goes to show how the NFL isn't really concerned with player safety, only with the bottom line, and Rodgers leading an epic come-back victory while hobbling around on one leg certainly made for prime viewing, and made that game into an all-time classic. The NFL will penalize and fine defenders for doing their jobs, but you'll let a cripple walk onto the field and put himself at risk? Shame on you, NFL!

Still atop the division after 5 weeks

Despite losing that season-opening game to an Aaron Rodgers who should not have been allowed to play in it, the Bears have dominated their next three opponents and have put themselves atop the NFC North with a record of 3-1 after their bye week. I'm not sure how long this will last, though. The Packers, Vikings, and Lions have all underperformed. The Bears are only on the top because the Vikings and Packers tied their week 2 matchup, making them both 2-2-1. Though, I guess the bye week also helps the Bears. Even if the Packers were 3-2, the Bears would still have a slightly higher win percentage due to having played fewer games (.75 compared to .6).

The Bears put together convincing victories against the Seahawks (on Monday night) and the Buccaneers, but struggled to barely pull off a win against the pathetic Arizona Cardinals. The Bears defense has allowed 17 points or less in the three games following the Packers loss, and have allowed an average of only 13.67 points per game (since the Packers loss). That means that if the Bears score just 2 touchdowns, they are likely to win the game. They're actually looking a lot like that 2006 Super Bowl-losing team, with a stifling defense and inconsistent offense anchored by a solid running game. The only thing they're missing is for Tarik Cohen to start scoring break-out kick return TDs like the divine Devin Hester.

Trubisky needs to be more consistent and take better care of the ball.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky had a breakout game against the Buccaneers, throwing 6 TDs and no interceptions, but he had thrown 3 interceptions and only 2 TDs in the two previous games combined (and had 0 TDs or ints in the Packers game). He needs to clean up his play and become more consistent if the Bears want to continue to compete in the very competitive NFC North division.

So, yes, I'm excited (and impressed) by the Bears' early-season play, but I'm not jumping on the playoff bandwagon just yet.

The Bears' promising play also has me jonesing for some football video game action. Too bad this year's Madden release was a horrendously-buggy, borderline-unplayable disaster. Maybe Axis Football will satisfy my need when it eventually releases on PS4?

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