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Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky
The Bears' QB is going to be Trubisky's job sooner or later. But when?

With an 0 and 2 start, people are already talking about benching Mike Glennon in favor of number 2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky. The writer at ESPN dismisses concerns about sparing Trubisky's health and psyche. "You can't seal him up with bubble wrap", says Jeff Dickerson. Apparently, coach John Fox disagrees.

I wasn't a fan of signing Glennon, and drafting Trubisky just confused me. But since the Bears drafted him as the obvious QB of the future, I want to see Trubisky play. More importantly, though, I want him to succeed.

If Trubisky is the starting quarterback in week 3's matchup against the Steelers, he'll be taking over a team that doesn't seem to have any weapons for him to work with. The receiving corps is depleted by injuries, with both Cameron Meredith and Kevin White being done for the season. Pro bowl guard Kyle Long is also still uncertain to be ready for the Steelers game. Missing Kyle Long might also be part of the reason that even Jordan Howard has been unproductive the first two weeks.

Remember, Jordan Howard is the guy who finished as the number 2 most productive running back last year (beyond fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot). And that was after not even playing the first four games of the season! In two games this year, Howard has a measly 59 rushing yards.

Jordan Howard tackled
Jordan Howard may be playing through an injury, and hasn't been productive

If Trubisky takes over as the starter, he'd be inheriting a team that's fielding a corps of practice squad receivers, and might not even have its expected league-leading rushing attack to fall back on. This wouldn't be like taking over a team that is already mathematically eliminated. Only three weeks into the season, Trubisky wouldn't be expected to simply play well and show improvement from week to week. The fans would be expecting him to win. And if he doesn't win, the fans will eventually turn on him as well. We'd go into the post-season with the fans seeing two busts at quarterback, rather than just one bust and a hopeful.

Maybe Trubisky's mobility could take pressure off of Howard and rookie Tarik Cohen. Trubisky could run some read option plays, play action rollouts, QB draws, and just generally scramble and force the defense to play a spy or contain (rather than simply pinning their ears back and gunning for the sack). Mike Glennon certainly isn't doing those things. Maybe Trubisky could engineer some wins. But in order to be seen as a success, Trubisky would have to be successful at throwing the ball, and as I've said, he doesn't have any receivers to throw to.

Remember, that receiving corp dropped four straight passes at the end of the loss to the Falcons -- each of which could have been a game-tieing touchdown. Glennon played poorly, but his receivers weren't doing him any favors, especially in those last minutes.

Would Trubisky fare any better?

But then again, there isn't exactly a good time to make a QB change. After all, if Trubisky isn't going to start in week 3 against the Steelers, then is he going to be thrust out onto center stage in Thursday night of week 4 against the Packers? The Bears' schedule isn't getting any easier any time soon. And by the time it does become easier, this season will be a lost cause.

As far as I'm concerned, Glennon should have lost his job during the preseason. At that point, he might have still had some trade value. The Jets, Jaguars, and 49ers could all be in the market for a QB this season, and the Dolphins may have shown some interest in Glennon prior to bringing Jay Cutler out of retirement. But now, I doubt anybody would be interested in trading for Glennon (especially at a starter's salary) unless there's some major injury.

Tarik Cohen
Tarik Cohen has been the only bright spot for the Bears. Perhaps Trubisky will add another spark?

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