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The debate regarding Cybil's ultimate fate in Silent Hill is an interesting (if not futile) one in the larger Silent Hill fan community. The Good ending (with Cybil being killed by Harry) seems to be the consensus "canon" ending with most fans. This conclusion is based primarily on the fact that Cybil does not appear nor is mentioned within Silent Hill 3 (which references the events of the first game). Deputy Wheeler, in Silent Hill: Homecoming also states that a female police officer from Brahms went to Silent Hill once and was never heard from again, implying that Cybil never returned from the town.

However, Rosseter, Fungo, DerFuzhwar, and other fans (such as myself) argue that none of those are good reasons to assume that Cybil must have died. Just because she was never referenced in SH3 doesn't mean that she and Harry couldn't have simply parted ways after the first game and never contacted one another again. Harry and his new baby had to go into hiding from the cult, and Cybil had a life in Brahms where she worked as a public servant. It would have been very hard for them to maintain a relationship if Cybil survived and went back to her original life.

Furthermore, from the meta-game standpoint, achieving the Good+ ending (in which Cybil survives) requires the most amount of work by the player and reveals the most information about the game's story. Wouldn't it make sense for this ending to be the true ending to the game? And Homecoming sucks, so we refuse to acknowledge it as canon!

I made quite a splash with the fine folks who made "The Real Silent Hill Experience" videos on Youtube the other day with a comment that I placed in their "part 13b - Questions Unanswered" supplementary video.

About three and a half minutes into the video, Rosseter and DerFuzhwar begin discussing their views on the fate of Cybil Bennett from the first game. They assert that the Good+ ending (in which Cybil survives) is likely to be the canonical ending, even though conventional Silent Hill wisdom suggest that the Good ending (in which Cybil dies) is supposed to be orthadox, and they present the following quote from the first game's event programmer, Hiroyuki Owaku:

The Real Silent Hill experience - Hiroyuki Owaku on Cybil's fate
Hiroyuki Owaku (one of Silent Hill's event programmers) on Cybil Bennett's fate.

After reading this quote, I left a comment on the video saying:

Actually, if "what happens to [Cybil] afterwords is up to the player's imaginations", then that would REQUIRE that the Good+ ending be canon. Because in the Good ending, she dies. There's no ambiguity to be left "up to the player's imaginations".
   - MegaBearsFan

This quote apparently impressed the folks at Twin Perfect so much that they highlighted this post and replied:

   - TwinPerfectChannel

And they even posted it on their Facebook page!

Twin Perfect's Facebook update about my comment
Twin Perfect's Facebook update about my comment. Minds blown!

Despite my comment, however, the Cybil argument remains an open point of debate within the Silent Hill fan community, and it likely will for a very long time.

Regardless, I am a huge fan of the work that Rosseter, Fungo, and DerFuzhwar have done with their "The Real Silent Hill Experience" videos, so to be recognized by them for a contribution that I made was a huge honor! Keep up the good work, guys, I hope the people at Konami are listening to you.

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05/10/2012 03:37:56 #

To me it doesn't matter what the developers say actually happened or what they meant or whatever. If you can't come to those conclusions yourself based on stuff in the game, then what's the point?

To me the Good+ ending doesn't make sense because it requires Harry to use the red liquid on Cybil to save her. Why would Harry do this? The only reason a player of the game would do it is from beating the game once with the good ending and seeing Kaufman use the red liquid on Alessa to drive out the god. I don't see why it being the most difficult to achieve has anything to do with it. But ultimately it doesn't matter, like most of the stuff SH fans argue about.

05/13/2012 17:56:43 #

It means that if I think Cybil died I am correct and if I think she lived I am also correct. Her fate is for the player to decide.

09/08/2012 21:37:23 #

Hiroyuki Owaku said that every player must think if the Good or Good+ endings are the right. There is NO canonical or official ending! We know that it must be one of these because what happens in later parts. But the point is that if Cybil dies or lies doesn't matter at all. I agree with the “more effort, best reward” argument. I think Good+ is the best ending in terms of plot and probability. The argument that Harry couldn't know that aglaophotis exorcizes demons is not valid since he finds some notes in his adventure that explain what is that substance and what uses it may have.
I think Cybil lived but went to live her own life. She wasn't forced to live and marry with Harry and Cheryl/Heather at all...

02/20/2013 01:11:41 #

People are going beyond the limits of subjectiveness when they twist a living person's words. You have to ask further when they're in the right mindframe, not keep a belief. That's like a child over complicating what his/her mom tells them to do. It's social awkwardness.

It's all in the word 'afterwards'. Ito meant at the time of saying it, that after SH1, players are to descern what happened to her.

Sure, it is a bit game logic-like to try random objects on Cybil, and he could learn all this from the good ending, but it's easy to alter this from a story standpoint too. Remember, the parasite is aparent on the nurses and doctors. It's easy to have Harry realize what's going on and, getting into a struggle with her, remove the parasite with a weapon or other.

Thusly, .

02/20/2013 01:14:50 #

Whoops! Don't mind the last part (Thusly, .) I was going to say something else, but the last but was already enough.

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